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How To Spa

  • Spa Etiquette
    The Spa environment is a place of calm and tranquillity. Please respect the quiet and privacy of our other Spa guests by speaking softly and turning off mobile phones.
  • How do I make a Spa Reservation?
    We strongly recommend that you book your spa treatments well in advance to ensure that your preferred treatment and time is available.
  • What time should I arrive for my treatment?
    Please arrive at The Balay Spa at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time – this allows us to have a brief consultation with you, and for you to enjoy the ambience, relax, unwind and prepare for your spa journey.
  • What happens if I need to cancel my treatment?
    If you would like to reschedule or cancel your booking, you can do so at any time subject to providing at least 3 hours notice.
  • What happens if I am late for my appointment?
    As a courtesy to all guests, we endeavour to meet all timings and spa schedules. Arriving late will limit your treatment time, reducing the full benefit and enjoyment.
  • What medical or physical concerns do I need to tell the therapist?
    All first-timers need to fill out a consultation form prior to their treatment – this is to provide you with the best possible experience and to assure your maximum safety and comfort.
  • I am pregnant – what treatments do you recommend?
    Our Spa Consultant will guide you in selecting the treatment best defined for you during this special time. We do not recommend full body massage in the first trimester of pregnancy and also advise limited body treatments throughout the term of pregnancy.
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